Box of Dreams

By the way, did we mention there will be BOXES at the loose parts play event this Sunday, October 25 between 1 and 3 p.m. at the green space behind the Findlay Centre? Yes, we will have plenty of boxes. You know those magnet type objects that the younger set frequently finds more fascinating than the contents they hold…

Some everyday materials undergo a metamorphosis when kids get their hands on them. Seemingly ordinary stuff becomes imbued with a magical quality embodying so much more than its original design purpose. Think boxes, glue, paper, twigs and sticks, cellotape. They are the universal ingredients for fashioning new worlds, the raw materials that fuel imagination, foundation blocks in the architecture of childhood.

And of course they are FUN.

As a staple of childhood, it’s not surprising that boxes had a recurring presence in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. I’ve always been a big fan and nearly 20 years after the strip’s final syndication, I still get a great laugh from Calvin’s antics. I don’t think Calvin ever saw a box he didn’t like. His energy and out of the box shenanigans would be a great addition at any loose parts play event. He could be one of the kids in charge of supersizing the excitement quotient.


If your kids love boxes, they’re sure to enjoy this pop-up loose parts play event brought to you by Adventure Play YHZ at the green space behind Findlay. Parents may want to prepare for the possibility that they’ll need to cart home a transmogrifier, or similar such creation.

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