Adventure Play YHZ Invites You to A Loose Parts-apalooza

Welcome to the inaugural post for Adventure Play YHZ.

We’re putting on a loose parts adventure on October 25 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the green space behind the Findlay Community Centre in Dartmouth. Not sure what ‘loose parts’ are? Take a look at the story below (click through on the image) from an event organized by a couple of our members in conjunction with the Youth Running Series last year at Sackville’s Wear Pink Track.

cropped-loose-parts.jpgLoose Parts Unplug and Play – Run, Jump, Build

Another member recently completed a master’s degree and in the course of her research has confirmed that loose parts play offers numerous benefits. A pamphlet she produced, excerpted below, provides some answers to the ‘why loose parts’ question.
Why Loose Parts

Did you know that loose parts are becoming a feature in some of the EXCEL programs in Halifax schools? Some of our members are involved in these activities too. A longitudinal study in one Australian school has firmly established the benefits of loose parts play in an educational setting.

All hail loose parts. They are the jazz of play bebopping the kids along in a wonderfall of spontaneity.


We also have a member who operates an incredible daycare space in Halifax and another who runs the city’s only Forest School. Guess what, they incorporate loose parts into their daily play too. This is becoming more and more popular in childcare settings throughout the world as this post from Let The Children Play recounts.

090519 001Source: Let The Children Play

Well enough talk, we’re getting ready for loose parts in the green space behind the Findlay Community Centre. We hope you’ll pop by and see what the hullabaloo is about. Your kids will thank you….

Loose Parts - Milk CratesStaging Zone for Findlay Centre Loose Parts-apalooza

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For more information on the loose parts play event, leave a comment here on the blog.

Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a great afternoon for kids at Findlay, Halifax Rec is organizing a Hallowe’en blast – the Boo Bash….

Findlay Halloween Party Poster_final proof_Oct. 15

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