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Adventure Play YHZ is a community group that advocates greater variety in public play spaces. The focus of our work for play is to create community led play opportunities in public spaces. We’re very pleased to bring our inaugural event, a loose parts play pop-up, to the green space behind the Findlay Community Centre in Dartmouth. This is the first of what we hope will be many more community led play events. If you are interested in further information or perhaps might even like to get involved, contact us by email at adventureplaygroundyhz ‘at’ gmail.com.


Current members of the group live in neighbourhoods scattered across the city. We come from a variety of backgrounds: preschool child care providers, physical recreation enthusiasts, health care professionals, academics, EXCEL staffers, lay researchers, community organizers and parents. Some of us will be present at all events we organize and we always welcome the opportunity to chat with others about our plans.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – get active, come on out and play…..

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